Semi Custom Built Homes | Full Custom Built Homes

Procopio Construction offers two types of custom homes in and around Boston’s North Shore; Full Custom and Semi Custom. Both of these options provide the buyer with an exceptional product, excellent build quality, customization options, unique architectural features, fixed all-in costs, and a comprehensive warranty

Full custom homes are homes in which the customers choices and options extend to every area of the home – from the design phase through the final finishes, the customers choices are limited only by their imagination and budget. Room layouts, flooring, colors, brands, mechanical equipment, hardware, finish molding profiles, window brands and styles, masonry details, lot placement and many other choices are what make your home your own in every sense!

Because of the intensive management time required on custom homes, and the constant coordination between the buyer and the contractors, full-custom homes are often significantly more expensive than semi-custom and spec products.

We also offer fee-based custom home construction management services in either a flat fee, percentage fee or cost-plus fee arrangement, and would be happy to provide a proposal specific to your needs.